About That Pet Boutique

Hey There!!

My name is Katie and I am the owner of That Pet Boutique. Want to know a bit more about me and my business? Then keep reading....

Why did you decide to create That Pet Boutique?

I decided to create my business as I was really unsatisfied in the job that I was working in, it was working in HR and my mental health really struggled. So I decided to get my sewing machine out and hop on Youtube and try out making some bits, I saw a tutorial on how to make pet bandanas and after playing around for a bit, I knew that I wanted to put my love for animals and passion for fashion together!!

Why did you decide to make pet accessories and nothing else?

I love seeing the impact the bandanas and other accessories make to both pets and their owners, pet accessories make such a difference! I absolutely love animals, the best feeling I get is watching my dogs open presents, the joy and excitement that they have, makes me so happy. That same joy and excitement is also what I see when I get messages from customers saying that the bandana I have sent to them has made their day, whether its an announcement or an accessory to bring some joy to their pet.

When did you start That Pet Boutique?

I started my business in September 2018.

Is it really just you who runs That Pet Boutique?

Yes it really is!! I create the designs, make the accessories, all social media, submit my taxes and take all of the photos myself. I have learnt A LOT, I created both That Pet Boutique's Instagram and Tik Tok accounts not having a clue what I was doing but that wasn't stopping me, I knew that my passion would flow through and I am determined to make it a success.

Do you have pets yourself?

Yes I have two German Shepherds called Athena & Apollo, they are my babies! You may see them in some of the pictures but they generally spend the most of the day sleeping or playing.